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1. Planning your podcast and finding your unique voice6 mins

The tricky thing is actually building an audience.

3. Editing, Producing and Publishing Your Podcast7 mins

Your audio is your product, so it has to be crafted beautifully.

4. Shortisting & Inviting guests5 mins

How to decide who should be the guest ?

5. Marketing your podcast & recycling your content for new audiences8 mins

Let’s look at 10 tips to promote your podcast for maximum reach.

6. Measuring audience engagement7 mins

Measuring your audience engagement properly can help you attract quality advertisers.

7. Finding Advertizers & Monetizing Your Podcasts6 mins

Podcasts, in the last 2 years or so, have gained momentum. Edison Research estimates that...

8. Key Elements of Podcast Success6 mins

In the past seven chapters, we have covered many aspects of starting a podcast...

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